Mar 22, 2011

Basic anti-spam on ASA

If you want to perform basic anti-spam to block spammers based on domain names, the following policy can help you:

regex BEGANPLAN "beganplan\.com"
regex BOOKKHAKI "bookkhaki\.com"
regex ENTEGRACORP "entegracorp\.com"
class-map type regex MAIL_BLACK_LIST
 match regex BEGANPLAN
 match regex BOOKKHAKI
 match regex ENTEGRACORP
policy-map type inspect esmtp MAIL_POLICY
 match sender-address regex class MAIL_BLACK_LIST
  drop-connection log
 class inspection_default
  inspect esmtp MAIL_POLICY
service-policy OUTSIDE_POLICY interface outside

Including additional domains just requires that you create a new regex and add it to the class-map.

I got those domain names from

asa(config)# end
asa# wr mem

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