Dec 29, 2010

Command: forward interface

From ASA Command Reference:

For models with a built-in switch, such as the ASA 5505 adaptive security appliance, use the forward interface command in interface configuration mode to restore connectivity for one VLAN from initiating contact to one other VLAN. To restrict one VLAN from initiating contact to one other VLAN, use the no form of this command. You might need to restrict one VLAN depending on how many VLANs your license supports.

Dec 9, 2010

Static route issue

If you made a typo when setting up static routes, it could result in a persistent route. For example, if you want to implement a static route for but you write a wrong netmask, you are not able to remove that route:

asa(config)# route inside
asa(config)# no route inside
%No matching route to delete