Sep 17, 2010

How to view historical performance data on PIX/ASA?

Recent performance data can be collected with some show commands (show cpu, show memory, etc.). For historical performance data, however, ASDM History Tracking is required. This feature was introduced in OS 7.0(1) to replace the PDM History feature.
ASDM History Tracking creates a buffer for the following resources:
  • blocks (system buffers)
  • cpu
  • failover
  • ids
  • interface
  • memory
  • perfmon (translations, connections, URL filtering, inspects, AAA)
  • sas (security associations)
  • tunnels
  • xlates (translation slots)
To enable this feature, issue the asdm history enable command.

To display buffer contents, issue the show asdm history command. Output can be filtered by feature and/or timeframe.


# show asdm history feature cpu

# show asdm history view 12h feature memory

# show asdm history view 10m feature perfmon

asa(config)# end
asa# wr mem

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