Jul 12, 2010

My journey to CCIE Security

Although I like to write about technical subjects, I've never been a blogger because I don't like to feel me obligated to write within defined intervals or something like that. Yeah... this is/will be a blog about technical stuff. I decided to create it as a notebook for personal use while I'm getting prepared to try the CCIE Security exam, what I'm planning to do 'till the end of the next year. I should just make some text files and save them to my PC, however, blogging I make the notes always available to me and someone else who is interested.

The blog name "Packets Never Lie" is a quote by Laura Chappel. I got that maxim as the basis to do my job, since all network issues can be fixed if we understand what is going through the NICs, cables, switches, routers etc.

Perhaps, the intervals between the first posts won't be short, since I'm preparing myself to take other certification exams besides the CCIE. Nevertheless, I will blog only about topics related to the CCIE exam.

First of all, I will make some notes on ASA and PIX since I'm in touch with those devices everyday. While studying, I will write articles about routers and switches, IPS/IDS, security protocols, resources and technologies.

This will be my journey to CCIE Security... :)

asa(config)# end
asa# wr mem

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